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Overview The Range Management Toolkit (RMTK) is comprised of a suite of applications that are deployed and operational throughout Army and Marine Corp ranges and incorporated into standard Range Safety and GIS for Range Managers Training Classes. RMTK-Noise-Artillery-ScenarioRMTK Applications Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) – Creates a danger area view for ground to ground weapons Weapons Danger Zone (WDZ) – Creates a danger area view for air to ground weapons Laser Range Management Tool (LRMT) – Used to qualify ranges for laser usage Explosive Training Range Tool (ETR) – Creates a safety area view for explosives training On-Range Ammunition Handling Tool (ORAH) – Creates a safety area view for on-range ammunition storage Range Development & Planning (RDAP) – Used by the Army to create new training ranges Range Design Management Tool (RDMT) – Used by the Marine Corp to design new training ranges Foreign Surface Danger Zone (FSDZ) – Creates safety area view for foreign allies Probabilistic Surface Danger Zone (PSDZ) – Creates safety areas using mathematical modeling tools vs. deterministic footprints used by SDZs Training Exercise Planning System (TEPS) – Used to plan training exercises on ranges


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