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iMap is an advanced set of tools providing view to spatial data services in form of functionally advanced map portals. It allows viewing spatial data services in frames of INSIPRE regulations. It also enables integration of data coming from various different map services and delivers tools for searching objects localization, selection, reporting and analysis, also editing spatial data and their attributes. Application supplies mechanism of users authorization, allowing access to predefined services and chosen functionality of the application. This functionality has a special meaning in simultaneous use of web map applications both Internet and Intranet access. iMap is a network service, working in three-dimensional architecture, available as a “thin client” through standard web browsers. As a web service iMap is a part of SDI oriented for web services (SOA architecture). Basic functionality: • Pan/Zoom in/Zoom out • “Zoom” slider • Viewing attributes of features • Displaying map legend • Length measurement • Area measurement • Sending map extent with comment on a specified e-mail address • No plug-ins necessary • Map projection in various coordinate systems • Availability to save map view into HTML or PDF file Dedicated functionality: • Extended selection, report and analysis tools • Preparing document list based on templates and spatial features information • Supporting multiple platforms, including mobile devices • Editing spatial data – supporting transactional services (point, line, polygon editing; identification of related objects) and their attributes through web browser • Authorized access to data services Functionality supporting INSPIRE regulations: • Integration of multiple dispersed spatial data services • Browsing for objects localization – gazetteer • Servicing multiple coordinate systems, • Client of OGC:WMS services, • Client of ArcGIS Server services, supporting „cached” and „tiled” services technology, • Supporting multiple languages Planned functionality in scope of geospatial services: • Client of OGC:WFS services • Integration of discover service with viewing service: catalogue service client (OGC:CSW): for catalogue servers compliant with discover service INSPIRE and CSW 2.02 AP ISO 1.0 • Reading GeoRSS channels • Reading KML data • WMC (Web Map Context) support


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