PLUSK – Water Management data exchange system

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Integrated system PLUSK provides the ability to gather current data considering water resources, better monitoring, analysis and evaluation of Water Management procedures. Moreover this system is a great tool for supporting self-government authorities in scope of managing water related issues. PLUSK is also an important platform of information exchange, publishes information considering water quality and quantity. The main scope of PLUSK was: • Gathering data considering Water Management in Poland and Slovakia • Integration of data within the study area of the project • Implementation of methodology for calculating water-economic balance based on previous experience in this scope • Development and implementation of tools for calculation the above mentioned balance • Development and implementation of tool for supporting Water Management policy in PLUSK study area PLUSK is an innovative GIS solution in scope of Water Management. It allows to integrate calculations of water balance with interactive map served by GISPartner map client, iMap 4.0. This project was developed and implemented by team of specialist from different areas, analysts and system architects, programmers, database specialists, environmental data GIS specialists and technicians. PLUSK was implemented by GISPartner Sp. z o.o., Innovation Technology Group SA and Centrum Informatyki ZETO SA in cooperation with Pectore-Eko Sp. z o.o.


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