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Today, more than ever, questions of how to make a profit and sustain a competitive advantage are asked by every type of organization. Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation, a nonprofit organization or a small business - a strategy and a plan must be factored into nearly every organizational goal you implement. That’s why choosing Global Marketing Insights, Inc. as your partner organization is the right decision. Our associate team has a thorough understanding of the complex world in which organizations operate. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with our clients by providing premiere consulting, in strategy planning for the development of local and international sales distribution networks, sales and marketing training and executive presentation services. To discuss your organization's goals and how Global Marketing Insights, Inc. can help achieve them, please call us at (216) 525-0600, fax (216) 525-0601 or e-mail us at Global Marketing Insights, Inc. has offices in Cleveland, Ohio, Newport Beach, California, and Detroit, Michigan.



As GeoSpatial Business Intelligence Experts, GMI bridges the gap between geospatial and spaceborne science and technology and the commercial industry. GMI assists the federal government and the private sector with all of their commercial remote sensing business needs. GMI's Global Geospatial project areas are focused on Strategic Planning, Sales and Market Implementation, and Customized Market Research. As authors of the NOAA and USGS International Remote Sensing Studies GMI has the largest and most current global database of aerial and satellite imagery users in the world. Global Marketing Insights, Inc. is an organization with proven capabilities to help our clients build a profitable future. All senior associates hold advanced executive management degrees and doctorate degrees where the areas of Specialization are Global Economics, Technology Transfer, Leadership of the 21st Century, and Improving Organizational Capacity. Our senior associates and support staff work together as a team. Depending on our client’s requirements, one associate takes the lead as client manager while the others act as support.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, Training Services