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EvacSafely Solution EvacSafely is an Emergency Management Geospatial Platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools for first responders and public safety employees to navigate and help understand personnel readiness, manage operations, allocate personnel and resources, and communicate status to internal stakeholders during the lifecycle of these responses. ​The importance of utilizing the EvacSafely Geospatial platform is that it allows agencies to plan for evacuations and shorten preparation time from days to hours, potentially saving thousands of lives. ​ The EvacSafely Platform is a better choice since it meets the vast majority of clients' demands by providing standard data and services that integrate with their existing systems. ​EvacSafely is a One-Stop Shop Geospatial Platform for Emergency Evacuation Management that offers intelligent, accurate, and dependable services.


Archaeological & Historic Preservation, Information Technology, Public Safety

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