Thailand Basemap Layer

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Thailand Basemap Layer presents a high-precision digital map of Thailand, which can be utilized in conjunction with geographic information system (GIS) software. It is particularly useful for business intelligence, location analysis, sales and marketing, as well as logistics management. The Thailand Basemap Layer consists of several layers that can be analyzed together, including: 1. Administrative Boundaries: This layer includes the boundaries of provinces, districts, subdistricts, and municipal areas, along with demographic information such as household and population data. 2. Transportation: This layer encompasses the transportation network, including roads, railways, mass transit systems, and waterways. 3. POIs and Places: This layer comprises Points of Interest (POIs) and public areas, providing essential information about various places. The data is categorized based on the type of use. 4. Hydrology: This layer contains polygon datasets representing rivers, canals, lakes or ponds, and agricultural reservoirs. 5. etc.


Demographics, GIS, Insurance, Public Transit, Real Estate, Retail, Trucking & Distribution

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