GLOBO Srl Soluzioni avanzate per il territorio

Treviolo, Italy


GLOBO has been promoting and developing Geographic Information System projects and services for over fifteen years. Our staff is made up of competent professionals who are experts in their respective areas: information technology, geography, geology, environment and engineering. A deep knowledge of the GIS and the Business Partnership with the leading company Esri have allowed GLOBO to face complex problems and to operate with an integrated approach. All our efforts are targeted to assuring quality and customer satisfaction. GLOBO’s participation at the main GIS events in Italy and abroad has seen our capital grow. We are constantly engaged in improving and creating the presuppositions for future development through a completely dematerialized and innovative ISO 9001:2008 business quality system. GLOBO is able to undertake assignments connected to the realization of a geographic information system, that consists of an integrated system of software, hardware, data, people, procedures and organization that manage geographic information, analyze spatial relationships and model environmental processes. GLOBO develops software to manage specific areas that are tightly integrated to forms of a unitary geographic information system. GLOBO GIS applications cover all aspects of land management, environment, cartography, cadastre, geo-marketing, civil defence, networking and urban planning.