Groupe Trifide Inc

Quebec, QC, Canada


Since 2002, Groupe Trifide has been a key partner for hundreds of companies in the fields of acquisition, processing and certification of geospatial data. A professional and personalized approach is the basis of the relationship of trust that we establish with each of our customers.  Our mission is to offer our customers access to accurate and certified 3D-4D geospatial data of their territory. Our company has acquired notoriety over the years thanks to the competence of the team in place. Whether surveying is done by GPS or robotic surveying, conventional or mobile mapping, 3D scanning or photogrammetry, we know how to meet all the precision needs of our customers. Groupe Trifide was the first international organization to guarantee the coordinates of the position of the topographic elements from georeferenced terrestrial images. We like to go beyond our limits, on a daily basis. In summary, for all 3D and 4D geospatial data, our specialization covers:  Surveying (data acquisition)  Qualité control  3D modeling … Everything under one roof!



Groupe Trifide also has hundreds of projects in land model development and building modeling since our mission is to provide 3D data certified by members of the Quebec Land Surveyor Association. The initial source of the data therefore does not really matter since our processes make it possible to certify all types of data; they come from a total station, a LIDAR scanner, precision mobile mapping, aerial photography or satellite imagery. This type of product to deliver is no longer a secret for us. • 3D Scanning for architect and civil engineer • 3D Mobile mapping • 3D Modeling • Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) • Asset management • Conventionnal mapping • Marine Geomatics • Photogrammetry • Conventional mapping • 3D surveying • 3D Expert for court law • Project planning • Land management

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, GIS Strategy and Planning, System Architecture and Design, System Integration