GT4W Consultoria e Serviços em Geoprocessamento LTDA

Lavras, Brazil


We are specialized in GeoTechnology as an efficient and agile tool for public, environmental, asset management, territorial and for sustainable development. We have a multidisciplinary team with proven experience in projects of national and international relevance, engaged in the purposes of the organization and working with great dedication, creativity and energy to satisfy the client with deliveries of added value. We offer a wide range of customized IT services and products for various sectors and segments of the economy in the public and private spheres. We operate with technical excellence, commitment to quality process and an innovative business model that privileges the customer more than the simple sale of our products. We work with the SCRUM Software Agile Development Methodology and follow the practices adopted by the Brazilian Software Process Improvement Program (MPSBR) In this way, we are able to develop our projects in an agile and interactive way, always attentive to each step of the process - planning, monitoring, risk management, requirements management and quality necessary - to exceed your expectations and meet your needs. Send