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WEB MapGIS is a highperformance solution that provides advanced features navigation and geographic data consultation, integrated business information. It supports management and consulting services in ArcGIS Server maps and configured data engines such as Oracle, SQL Server, among others. MapGIS is a geographic information system that integrates Web business management to geographic data. Built under the philosophy of applications Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on JAVAAdobe Flex, in which continuous refills on the server are minimized, with full support of multimedia files (video, sound, image, animation, etc.) . ● navigation ● attributes search ● Layer intersection ● Symbolizing Web edition ● Printing multiple formats ● Proximity analysis(Buffers) ● Export to multiple formats (SHP,JPG, PNG, GIF, XLS, DBF) ● Display multiple windows ● user management ● access control layers MapGIS makes possible the publication of the administrative and technical management of public and private entities, through the module construction of indicators associated with geographic features


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