MARS (Mapping and Response System)

By H2Safety Services Inc

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What is MARS? H2Safety's Mapping and Response System is a software program designed specifically for the oil and gas industry and for emergency response scenarios. It provides the essential tools for you to effectively manage the situation, saving valuable time and ensuring the safety of the public during an emergency. MARS is a combination of a graphical mapping tool and an automated callout tool. The user is able to visually see the emergency situation on a map and MARS will automatically identify all the affected residents and area users. These affected residents and area users will then be notified by the automated callout tool with either a pre-canned or fully customizable message. This takes the stress out of communicating during an emergency situation and ensures that the maximum amount of people are reached with the minimum amount of time. As calls are made and responses are received, MARS will automatically update the statuses of these people visually on the map so that users will know immediately whether people have sheltered-in-place, evacuated, or require additional assistance. In addition to residents and area users, MARS can store all internal company data and automatically inform them with customizable messages, this can be used to deploy responders and keep all company officers updated. MARS has been designed to meet Western Canadian oil and gas regulations but can be customizable to meet any other regulations.


Petroleum, Pipeline

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