Harris Corporation

Palm Bay, FL, United States


From geospatial data and software tools to actionable information, Harris helps professionals make informed decisions – when and where they are needed. For decades we’ve created geospatial technologies and worked on programs for government agencies and commercial organizations, producing some of the industry’s most advanced products and solutions. These include ENVI® image analysis software, the Geiger-mode LiDAR sensor, work on the Foundation GEOINT Content Management (FCGM) program for the NGA and custom geospatial solutions that have solved some of the world’s most challenging problems. Whether you’re looking for a finished geospatial product, a custom solution or data and analytics to support your project, Harris Geospatial Solutions can meet your needs. ENVI®: an advanced software solution to analyze virtually any geospatial data type. Geiger-mode LiDAR: a technology that makes large-scale and high-density LiDAR collections possible at affordable prices. Jagwire™: a web-based geospatial data management tool that can quickly discover data and transform it into actionable information. Harris Geospatial Marketplace: online portal to geospatial imagery and data plus off-the-shelf data products such as digital elevation models and orthomosaics. Maritime Solutions: offers access to Satellite Automated Identification System (S-AIS) data to track maritime vessel



We can tailor our commercial solutions such as ENVI, Jagwire, GSF, Geiger-Mode LiDAR, AIS, TrueTerrain, and IDL to your organizational needs. Our experts will work with you to develop extensions, optimizations, and custom interfaces that will meet your unique challenges. Let us automate analytical routines to maximize the working hours of your image analysts and save resources across your organization. Our experts can create automated preprocessing routines such as data conversion, atmospheric correction, and mosaicking. Or, we can automate an entire workflow from pre-processing to finished product for both desktop and server environments. We have extensive experience accelerating applications across industries including defense, precision agriculture, utilities, and transportation. We can compress the time it takes to complete important tasks by optimizing existing code to take full advantage of your CPU, creating custom GPU enabled solutions, or by deploying ready-to-go solutions to accelerate orthorectification, atmospheric correction, ACE target detection, and PCA transformation. Our Machine learning technology excels automated target detection, land cover classification mapping, and automated scene state detection. For automated object recognition, we're obtaining > 95 percent performance on panchromatic, RGB, MSI, HSI, SAR, LiDAR, and derived point cloud data sets. Our solutions are being used in agriculture, utilities and defense.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Integration, Training Services