Geiger-mode LiDAR

By Harris Corporation

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After two decades of providing the U.S. Government with Geiger-mode LiDAR data, Harris Geospatial now offers this high-resolution LiDAR data and products to commercial organizations and civil governments. Geiger-mode LiDAR provides point clouds on a larger scale and at a higher point density than has been possible up until now. This breakthrough technology allows for data to be processed in a way that can be used for multiple applications and on a variety projects. We efficiently collect and deliver LiDAR data that easily exceed USGS quality level 1 (>8 points per square meter) requirements. In fact, data from a single flight can be produced at multiple resolutions, between 2-30 points per meter (PPM), and can be used to support numerous stakeholders and a variety of applications, providing greater value to customers.


Agriculture, Aviation, Conservation, Defense, Education, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Forestry, Highways & Roads, Public Engineering, Research Organizations

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