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Allen, TX, United States


True Automation is one of the most progressive providers of solutions to property assessment and tax collection offices. True Automation’s technology and services can improve operations, save money, enhance revenue and liberate office staff and resources so they can be deployed to more mission-critical operations. We employ experienced tax and appraisal industry professionals in order to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions to industry problems, and in order to deliver a customer experience that's second to none. We understand your problems, because we've faced those same problems ourselves and we've built a company out of a genuine desire to build a better and more efficient process so you can get more done with the time and resources that you have. We place a high value on our customer relationships. We want our customers to be customers for life, and we focus on developing collaborative, mutually-beneficial partnerships where we work together to ensure we understand and meet the needs of our clients today and in the future. At True Automation our customers aren't just clients, they're colleagues and friends. Our product solutions include : PACS™ - property appraisal and tax collections and GIS Services –GIS parcel base map creation and maintenance with CAMA integration.



True Automation provides full Geographic Information System (GIS) services for Appraisal Districts. These services include all aspects of a GIS implementation project: experienced consulting, and project management to full product and data development and comprehensive integration. With true integration for images and the appraisal process, True Automation GIS Services provides full consulting and implementation services.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Implementation, Needs and Requirements