Hawksight SRM Ltd

Newbury, United Kingdom


We work with clients around the globe to help identify the security risks that they face and to manage them efficiently and cost-effectively through Security Risk Management (SRM) consultancy, our award-winning HawKSight Software and our industry-leading training services. Those services are all underpinned by robust security risk methodology, which delivers continuity of security risk analysis, comprehensive risk reporting and ensures bespoke mitigation strategies. Together they enable rapid and cost-effective management of security risks in increasingly complex environments. Facilitating collaboration and building trust between security professionals and business leaders, we are changing the way that global organisations manage security risk.



HawkSight Training modules are designed to provide our clients with the ability to up-skill their teams and to bring their security risk management function further in-house. They are aligned with our philosophy that consistency of methodology, knowledge sharing and a best practice approach will all contribute to continuous improvement in managing and mitigating business security risks. HawkSight Training courses are endorsed by the Institute of Leadership Management. They are delivered in partnership with Agile Group, a UK-based Institute of Leadership Management training provider. All training modules can be tailored to reinforce our clients' existing policies and procedures, where applicable, and will be delivered by Paul Mercer of HawkSight SRM Ltd. Three levels of professional training are available with places limited to a maximum of five. Training can be delivered at a readily accessible UK location or at clients’ premises as required.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services