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HawkSight Software is unique. It provides security risk visibility from an enterprise perspective, combined with a powerful operational risk management tool kit in a single platform. Powered by Esri mapping technology and combined with robust security risk management methodology, HawkSight Software enables organisation to implement operational risk reporting with consistency and continuity. Key features: Mapping dashboard interface powered by Esri Live incident data feed options Consistent framework Fully customisable Scalable HawkSight Software includes: Scalable mapping with global-to-local overview Live incident feed capability Project locations colour coded by risk level Selectable satellite tracking layer Comprehensive threat assessment and threat database capability Powerful operational risk management toolkit Extensive risk modelling and simulation Enterprise-wide reporting and communication contribute to a prioritised team approach Provides comprehensive risk management legacy information Promotes the quantification of security spend at every level Operates in parallel with, or integrated into enterprise risk management strategies Improves communication between business leadership and risk managers It is available as a hosted service for a minimum of five users or on a bespoke delivery basis. It is also available as an on-premise, customised solution. We work with government bodies, non-government organisations, global enterprises and businesses world-wide from a wide range of sectors including: oil, gas, minerals, mining, hospitality, hotels, sporting events, media, facilities management.


Aviation, Education, Entertainment & Leisure, Homeland Security, Humanitarian, Media, Mining, Petroleum, Pipeline, Public Safety, Real Estate

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