Headwall Photonics Inc

Bolton, MA, United States


Headwall, headquartered in Bolton, MA, streamlines hyperspectral imagery collection & processing. We manufacture and sell award-winning hyperspectral imaging systems for remote sensing. Our 500 customers include commercial firms, government agencies, research organizations, universities, surveyors, and GIS service providers. We offer turnkey unmanned airborne systems (drones) with integrated hyperspectral imaging and LiDAR payloads for environmental monitoring, mining, precision agriculture, infrastructure inspection, & defense applications. Problem Statement: Collecting, processing, and ingesting hyperspectral data into ArcGIS is challenging. Raw data files are typically 1TB or larger, and processing workflows demand deep technical expertise to create analytics-ready imagery for mapping. These complexities introduce schedule, financial, and technical risks into mapping projects. Esri-Headwall Solution: We simplify hyperspectral imagery complexities by providing user-friendly, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. Our approach integrates high-resolution hyperspectral cameras onto COTS drones, with software to process hyperspectral data cubes into “analytics-ready” imagery. To work with hyperspectral imagery in Esri’s suite, you’ll need ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and/or ArcGIS Enterprise, the Image Analyst extension for advanced processing, and ArcGIS Image Online for online imagery management for mapping sharing & distributing your results seamlessly.