HERE Map Content Powers Esri Software

By HERE Technologies

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HERE supports the Esri cloud platform (ArcGIS Online) and numberous Esri software products, including StreetMap Premium. It's a ready-to-use street data set that works with ArcGIS software to provide geocoding, routing, and high-quality cartographic display for the entire United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Other Esri solutions powered by HERE include: Other Esri solutions powered by HERE Map Content include: • Mobile GIS—ArcGIS Mobile™ • Cloud GIS—ArcGIS Online™ • Business GIS—Esri® Business Analyst™ and Business Analyst Online™ • Geocoding and Routing— Esri® Streetmap Premium™ • Navigation—ArcLogistics®, ArcLogistics Navigator® • Transportation—ArcGIS Transportation Analytics • Map Collections—Data Appliance for ArcGIS • Others —Community Analyst, MapStudio, Esri Coder, ArcGIS Data Appliance


Defense, Electric & Gas, Financial Services, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads, Homeland Security, Insurance, Trucking & Distribution

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