Holo Blok Architecture Inc

Edmonton, AB, Canada


What's in the blok? people. technology. solutions. fun. holo-blok is a technology service company. The idea behind holo-blok is simple: connect any two points (a need and a solution) with a straight line of expertise. Do it well and do it fast. In short, we make technology work for you We're more than a group of architects, designers, technologists, tradespeople, engineers, lawyers and IT professionals. We're a close-knit team of technologists who love to solve problems and find new ways to use technology. Let us help make your workflow more efficient and wow your customers. Holo-Blok is a technology company that specializes in Digital Project Delivery. We collaborate with developers, designers, builders and dreamers to find efficiencies in the design, coordination and production of drawings. We specialize in 3D modelling, visualization. production of contract documentation, fabrication modeling, spatial coordination, enhanced digital workflows and coordination of sub disciplines. We pride ourselves on our nimble, adaptive responses to the needs of our clients, and have the resources and personnel to scale to the size of the project. We are a collaborative team who work hard to bring value to a project and be the best at what we do.



holo-blok are leaders in Digital Project Delivery of built assets. We work with Owners, Consultants, Contractors, Trades, and Operations staff to digitize conventional processes. The objective is to leverage design and construction data throughout the project lifecycle. holo-blok provides the following services: Creation of owner requirements for asset data Inform contractual language by working with your legal counsel Developing data structures for integration with ArcGIS Indoors Structuring Building Information Models of existing and future assets for integration with building management infrastructure 3D Laser Scanning and as-built modelling of existing assets for the creation of an asset database

Services Provided:

Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, Needs and Requirements