Amersfoort, Netherlands


At HydroLogic we believe that advanced ICT technologies can play a major role in solving the world’s most urgent water problems resulting from urbanisation and climate change. We are a team of hydrologists and ICT experts who understand the responsibility we have to society and are seeking sustainable, innovative environmental solutions to urgent water problems. We work closely together with consultants, research organisations and clients, both in and outside the Netherlands. Our clients include environmental agencies, ministries, water boards, provinces, municipalities and the European Commission. Water professionals need the right information of the right quality to perform their work effectively. We use data from telemetry satellites, and meteorological information from weather bureaus. We focus on high-quality services, on ensuring reliable and consistent information, on simulation models, and tools, and in-depth water knowledge to support our decision-making. The tools we provide run as web-based hydro-informatics solutions on portals and mobile phone applications with customisable dashboards, GIS-based viewers and graphical presentations of key information for strategic and operational water management. Real-time data handling, secure ICT infrastructure, alerting, historic data and user-friendly interfaces are essential elements of our services.



Providing water professionals with the right information and knowledge at the right time to empower them making well-informed and defensible decisions. That is what we aim for. HydroNET consists of a set of generic applications used by over 2500 professionals worldwide. Our local partners connect local data sources to HydroNET and configure and optimise the applications to meet your needs and requirements. This way our international software can provide effective solutions for local water challenges. HydroNET provides solutions for water resources management, flood management, drought management, water quality management and urban water management. They transform data into personalised decision support dashboards and reports. Using the HydroNET API for ArcGIS our clients can use all weather and water related data in de ArcGIS online platform. We support them by creating community portals in ArcGIS for communicating water and climate change related issues such as flooding and drought.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Hosting Services, System Architecture and Design, System Integration