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MAGIS is an Augmented Reality Application for Geography, which complements the traditional map visualization of geographic elements. It includes two synchronized visualization modes, Map and Augmented Reality (AR from now on). MAGIS uses ESRI ArcGIS API to access and show maps, as well as ICA’s own AR library to show all the geographic data in AR mode. It also uses User’s Spatial Webservices, ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server, to get the spatial data and base maps, supporting mashups. Both, the AR library and the application itself are entirely customizable and extensible, to adapt to users’ needs. Some of the useful functionalities included are: • Work offline and online • Selection of elements with automatic focus in AR mode, allowing the user to show attribute information on an object either in AR or Map Mode • Real time radar spatial filter based on two radiuses. • Show descriptive information of the geographic element, as well as images and URL (actually any information the user may include) • Use of GPS as well as manual user input location. • Show distance to objects. • Symbology size in AR mode according to distance from user, closer objects over farther ones. MAGIS is being used in different areas such as field work, forestry, and tourism, and hopefully it will be applied widely in the future, not only in specialized and corporative GIS, but also for massive use. It is an excellent complementary technology for GIS visualization and more.


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