Istanbul, Türkiye


Founded by three social entrepreneur co-partners, IDEMA is a private company that has been cultivating, implementing and actualizing new ideas in the area of socio-economic development in Turkey and various parts of the world since 2011. Apart from its associates, IDEMA had managed projects on a global level and has been developing solutions with its large team of consultants who are experts in their field. IDEMA’s vision is to support social, economic, environmental and cultural development. In this regard, IDEMA has been developing projects by consociating with the United Nations, World Bank, national and international civil society organizations, boards of trade and various public enterprises. In the direction of the analyses and reports prepared by the consultants, IDEMA contributes to the process of sound decision making of its partners on social investments. IDEMA’s solutions and services are built around its core values: social benefit and novelty. IDEMA’s strong know-how in implementing multi-partnered community development projects is getting stronger every day.