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By IHS Markit

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IHS has designed Spatial Layers to provide visualization and spatial analysis of our critical information through your GIS tools like ESRI ArcMap and other mapping applications like Petra and Kingdom. IHS Spatial Information delivers your entire US Well and Production subscription, including fields, wells, activity, production, tests, tops, pressures and shows, in spatial formats that can be analyzed out-of-the-box using desktop and/or web mapping software, or loaded in to your corporate spatial data store like ESRI SDE. The IHS Energy Map Services are a suite of web map services that enables your ESRI mapping software to access the latest IHS Energy information by connecting directly to the IHS Energy Spatial Database over the Internet. The IHS Spatial Layers are delivered in GIS-ready formats providing the ability to do in-depth spatial analysis via the ESRI mapping tool of your choice. With IHS Spatial Information you can • analyze ready-to-use spatially formatted data, saving internal resources from having to source, interpret and store the data in a common format; discover trends or areas yet to be exploited; monitor competitor activity; develop detailed service plans; evaluate market share and sales performance; and determine staffing and material needs Subscribers can use IHS software (Petra, Kingdom, EDIN, Enerdeq Browser or AccuMap), ESRI mapping software or internal software to access IHS Spatial Information to map and conduct detailed analyses of their E&P projects. For instance, EDIN and Enerdeq Browser enable you to find every single formation and producer within a field almost anywhere in the world at the click of your mouse.

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