Manhattan Beach, CA, United States


IndoorVu is an Esri Business Partner and a full service indoor mapping company. It can create and produce digital data, and it has developed a custom management software application specifically for building data. For any kind of building or property, IndoorVu can collect, process and deliver geospatial digital models of all kinds, inside and out. It works with properties that have a range of pre-existing data, from none at all to those looking to add detail to existing data. IndoorVu’s expertise also supports the conversion of data into particular models for existing business systems (ie: Facilities Management, Asset Management, Routing/Wayfinding, Security/Public Safety, etc.). IndoorVu has also developed a multi-tenant cloud software solution, designed specifically to manage multiple building and level data (maps, documents and imagery). This solution called IV Portal, is built on top of ArcGIS Online and acts as a light weight Indoor GIS management solution. IndoorVu's focus is primarily in the operation of buildings, working with facilities managers, technology companies and owners. IndoorVu has built its core data management and delivery applications on top of ArcGIS online.



IndoorVu is a full service indoor mapping company.

Services Provided: