GIS In Support of 100s Miles Of Pipeline Reconnaissance Datasets & Field Maps

By Infinity Solutions Inc.

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Eastern Shore Natural Gas (ESNG) is a multi-state gas transmission; DOT requirements for gas lines make the use of GIS for facilities management a cost effective solution. ISI technical staff worked with our direct client, Structural Integrity, on these many 100s of miles of existing pipeline in PA, DE and MD, USA. Their pipeline engineers provided various pipeline engineering integrity criteria. ISI technical staff interpreted this data and along with ground surface elevation datasets, aerial imagery and other large scale datasets (that they went out and sourced) determined where these criteria might have been exceeded (e.g., pipe inclination), segmented in 30ft lengths (and thereby generating large datasets.) Details of these various possible exceedances were provided to the pipeline engineers, in both chainage, tabular and corresponding spatial formats; this entailed effectively & accurately generating & managing large datasets across these 100s of miles of pipe. Working with the engineers, over 900 11x17” printed maps were generated for field reconnaissance crews to reference; these field maps were (i) coded and symbolized so that the field crew could readily locate the exact sections of pipes, and (ii) generated by custom Python code to ensure code- determined map scales, map orientation with the pipe always running left to right across the individual map page in the direction of gas flow, specific features on individual map pages, sequentially numbered by pipe ID and chainage, enumerated EPS file export for ready PDF generation, etc. After reconnaissance results were provided, the datasets and maps were analysed & regenerated to reflect this information, ready for final reporting (tabulations and 900+ figures.)


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