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SyncroTESS is based on an n-tier architecture designed to be used in an enterprise enviroment (multi user, multi site, multi time zones…). The system is used as add-on to existing ERP/CRM-Systems taking over the full logistics control whilste letting the ERP/CRM taking care of the admin and processing duties. SyncroTESS contains sophisticated real-time resource management features. Its planning modules are targeting strategic decision making – supported by simulation and scenario management capabilities – as well as operational medium and short term planning features. The unique real-time optimization technology is particularly well capable to respond to unpredictable events, such as traffic delays, resource unavailability, technical delays, etc. Rather than adapting existing plans only locally, this technology enables dispatchers to account for all relevant planning factors globally. This global view leads to much better adaptation to local disturbances, resulting in much more efficient management and much more cost productive operations. All geospatial aspects considered by SyncroTESS are covered by ArcGIS Online or on premise based ArcGIS implementations.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Forestry, Highways & Roads, Manufacturing, Maritime, Mining, Railroads, Retail, Trucking & Distribution

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