Inframappa, Inc

New York, NY, United States


Inframappa is the full solution to mapping your infrastructure. By simply subscribing to the application your organization typically gets new orthorectified imagery, all your engineering drawings indexed and digitized, your data corrected, your assets field-verified, and all your information in a an online database with interfaces at any browser, iOS and Android phone apps and Meta Quest Pro and Apple Vision pro. It costs you zero effort and Inframappa keeps updating it as long as you are subscribed. Our solution is the leading application in the US for infrastructure mapping in Universities, Colleges, School districts, Hospitals and medical centers, Municipalities and Towns among many other verticals. Our system has built-in IoT capability collecting data from any kind of sensor and visualizing real-time as well as play-back sensor data. It gives you immediate access to 2D and 3D visualization of above ground and underground assets and utility networks including inside and outside buildings , floor by floor assets, vegetation and tree classification, and informational data like urban zoning, contracts geofencing, and extended analytical reporting including automatic up-to-date replacement cost.