Innogeo Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Sankt Veit Im Vogau, Austria


As an integrated surveying and engineering company, we combine the knowledge of planning and management surveying and environmental engineering with everything Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have to offer. Surveying, processing and analysing any geographical data with all relevant attributes are our daily business activities: from different cadastres (water supply, sewer network, electricity, lighting and other infrastructure) to land development plans and raster-calculated slope water maps. Furthermore, with our personalized GNSS solutions and custom ArcGIS-Tools, anyone interested can collect their geographic data in an easy and technically efficient way. Providing web-based GIS solutions for around three dozen communities, associations and companies in and around the state of Styria (Austria), we are specialized in adapting to the needs of our clients. However, consistent quality and impeccable data management are our most important objects, but we also endorse valuable feedback and new opportunities from our partners and customers.