EPA Metadata Editor (EME)

By Innovate!, Inc.

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Innovate staff developed EPA’s custom metadata editing tool called the EPA Metadata Editor (EME). The EME is an ArcGIS extension to ArcCatalog providing users with a streamlined interface for metadata entry and editing. The EPA has a large inventory of geospatial assets which continues to grow and the EME enables the agency to manage these assets efficiently. Providing metadata for these assets is critical for EPA’s geospatial community. The EME has helped EPA streamline its metadata development process across numerous offices, saving the EPA time, money, and ensuring these valuable assets can be properly maintained.


Archaeological & Historic Preservation, Education, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Forestry, GIS, Health & Human Services, Information Technology, Land Records, Marine, Mining, Pipeline, Railroads, Real Estate, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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