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Map Intelligence (MI) for Tableau works in conjunction with MI for ArcGIS Server and MI for ArcGIS Online (see the relevant MI Solution pages for details). With Map Intelligence you link directly to the ArcGIS Feature layers and/or web maps and avoid the need to translate to Tableau specific format. Changes in the maps become available immediately in Tableau. Map Intelligence utilizes ArcGIS services such as base maps, geocoding, routing and drive-time where the user can filter BI data based on drive-time. Map Intelligence supports map features such as roads, train lines, pipelines, networks being themed using your Tableau data attributes, e.g. coloured by value ranges. To theme points based on your Tableau business data Map Intelligence links the point identifiers in Tableau to the address co-ordinates stored in ArcGIS, so that data does not have to be duplicated in Tableau. Map Intelligence supports routine changes to your custom map boundaries by using them directly in Tableau from your ArcGIS repository. Map Intelligence makes your WMS catalogue of standard layers, such as demographics or weather feeds, available to all Tableau documents without any coding. Map Intelligence supports any number of themed layers points, lines or areas based on data from a Tableau document so you can see and compare, on the one map view, multiple themed map layers sourced from different Tableau data sources. A demonstration can be viewed at Using Esri maps in place of native Tableau maps maintains a consistent visual standard map display across your organisation. Using Esri and MI's more powerful geographical operations/functions creates the opportunity to uncover relationships not evident using only native Tableau features.


Defense, Elections, Electric & Gas, Financial Services, Forestry, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads, Insurance, Mining, Public Safety, Railroads, Real Estate

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