Map Intelligence for SAP BusinessObjects WebI

By Integeo Pty Ltd.

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Map Intelligence enhances SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence (WebI 4.n) with enterprise-grade location analytics via a seamless integration with ArcGIS Server and/or ArcGIS Online (see the relevant MI Solution pages for details). Map Intelligence utilizes ArcGIS services such as base maps, geocoding, routing and drive-time. Map Intelligence links directly to the ArcGIS Feature layers and web maps whereby changes in the maps become available immediately in WebI. Some of the features of Map Intelligence for BusinessObjects WebI are: • High performance for very large datasets • Theming data points, lines and areas according to specified data attribute values • Displaying territories, polygons, heat maps, density, clusters, spider plots and more • Concurrent display of multiple data overlays on the map • Selecting data by lassoing points, lines and polygons on the map • Use your own customised regions/ territories/ areas • Overlaying data from any public WMS server (e.g. weather, crime, demographics, etc.) • Creating drive-time polygons on your maps where you can filter data based on drive-time • Touchscreen enabled provides mobile users the same features as desktop users.


Defense, Elections, Electric & Gas, Financial Services, Forestry, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads, Insurance, Mining, Public Safety, Railroads, Real Estate

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