Hilfe im Wald

By INTEND Geoinformatik GmbH

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In almost all federal states in Germany an infrastructure was created by the forest authorities for the rescue of victims. Rescue points in the forest are an essential component of this structure. The rescue forces head for this point where the victim will wait for help. The free App "Hilfe im Wald" shows your own position as well as the positions of the nearest rescue points in a map. Moreover, the App offers a searching function using the point name to find a specific point from about 25,000 integrated points almost all over Germany. Because the data is stored locally on the mobile device, locating the nearest point does not need a mobile phone reception, only GPS. Then merely the background map cannot be loaded. Primarily, the App is intended for the people who work professionally in the wood like huntsmen, lumbermen, woodcutter or conveyors. People who use the wood for leisure activities, like mountain bikers, cavaliers or travellers are also potential users of the App. At the moment the App is available in a version for Android and for Windows Phone.


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