ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Deployment

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ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Deployment is the best approach when your organization has an Esri ArcGIS Enterprise license but does not want the burden of on-premises hardware. This approach also increases your organizations ability to safeguard against natural disasters since the data center is managed by a cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web services and is not in on premise. Our Enterprise deployment team will work with you to develop an architecture model that delivers the level of service required to meet your needs and budget. Our team will deploy the ArcGIS enterprise platform to include an Enterprise GIS Portal, ArcGIS Server, the ArcGIS Data Store and your Enterprise Geodatabase. This cloud-based ArcGIS Enterprise Platform can be configured to support your agency in several ways: • Enterprise GIS Portal – using the ArcGIS portal your agency will have a secure web platform that will store and share geospatial resources throughout your organization. This portal can be configured to support GIS Professionals, Level 2 power users and unlimited Level 1 viewer users. • Authoritative data storage in a Multi User Version database – Your GIS professionals will have full and direct edit capacity of the enterprise geodatabase. This database is the authoritative GIS data for your agency. • Integration with 3rd Party Enterprise Systems – This platform can be configured with database views and web services to support your enterprise systems such as permitting, work management, code enforcement or customer Service 3-1-1. • County Assessor data update and integration – municipal agencies often rely on data from the County GIS and County assessor to enhance their internal workflows and enterprise systems. Our GIS services team can help you build workflow automation that will handle updates of owner, address and other property data from the county or 3rd party data providers. • ArcGIS Online web mapping platform – using the various web app solutions and mobile applications your agency can utilize the enterprise GIS data in very quickly without the demand of building custom applications.


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