ioLabs AG

Baar, ZG, Switzerland


Input/output laboratories – ioLabs. We are young, international company based in Switzerland. A team of professionals from various disciplines developing innovative solutions for clients all over the world. We program and develop unique products and services that simplify processes in many industries and we write effective clean code specially tailored to our clients - without any extra lines. Our aim is to be pioneers of digitization and to always find additional value in our projects. We are partners in custom software development and digital planning. We have many years of experience in the field of AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction) and accompany projects from consultation, through concept to implementation. For fresh updates, follow us on LinkedIn:



Our mission Pioneering innovative software development. Specializing in creating digital twins through precise 3D modeling, we lead in BIM processes to revolutionize project efficiency. Strengthening digitalization models with programmatic data management. Custom Software for AEC Crafting innovative digital tools as web based and stand-alone apps that cater to the needs of real people and projects, both for the present and the future. Efficient and rapid development for significant budget savings through the usage of own ioFramework. BIM & Digital Twin Enabling the development of digital twins through comprehensive model creation, including the establishment of families and libraries for enhanced digital representation. Consulting and implementing robust BIM processes to enhance project efficiency by simplifying planning and execution - streamlined methodologies have a transformative impact on project success. Data processing magic ioLabs offers advanced data management solutions tailored for multiple platforms in the AEC industry. It enables organizations to streamline data workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve project efficiency. The service includes data migration, synchronization, backups, and advanced sorting using AI, catering to the specific needs of projects. ioLabs has worked with notable organizations like Implenia AG and ETH Zürich, delivering customized data management solutions to improve efficiency and project outcomes.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration