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MapSolution supports users in addressing spatial tasks. Main focus is on high-quality and specialized applications in public authorities and business organizations. As a rule, resources for developing custom applications for every use case are very limited. Therefore, a well-stocked "toolbox" is needed that allows a wide range of applications. A graphical user interface for the administration level allows the easy creation of focused applications and the strict role-based assignment of tools and applications. MapSolution offers a variety of features that complement the basic functionality of ArcGIS for Server. Power users get the opportunity to put map projects together by the arbitrary combination of various services at runtime, and save and share them with others. This allows for a lesser work load on the administration level. A generic search engine, analysis and export tools, high quality and full scale printing, editing functions and much more are aboard. This makes MapSolution not just a pure information solution, but rather a product that allows for a qualified data entry. In conjunction with additional browser-based application modules, MapSolution becomes the platform for solutions in the areas of cadastral information, open space and public infrastructure management, land use planning and environmental protection and nature conservation. MapSolution is a browser application for ArcGIS Server for ESRI. It is based on the ArcGIS JavaScript API and thereby doesn’t need any special plugins. In addition to the REST and SOAP interfaces to ArcGIS for Server, MapSolution has its own standalone OGC WMS interface. With regard to system requirements, prevalent versions of SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL and the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are supported.


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