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All traffic signs of Germany are described in the Road Traffic Regulations. To use the variety of signs easily and quickly in ArcGIS projects for point-based visualization, IPM GmbH has designed a traffic sign library. The library is easy to use and to integrate into ArcGIS Desktop and Enterprise. Traffic signs influence and regulate road traffic. Some of them will come to your mind spontaneously. But did you know that in Germany the traffic sign catalog now includes more than 500 traffic signs? Of course, the ArcGIS user can compose a few traffic signs himself in the “Symboleditor”. However, most signs cannot be mapped with the standard symbols. And do you always have the time to generate this multitude of symbols for an existing ArcGIS project? Over the years, the traffic sign catalog has been repeatedly adapted by the govermment. Among them, the following variants can be found: - Introduction of new traffic signs - Change of the number of existing traffic signs - Redesign of traffic signs - Temporal limitation of the use of traffic signs - Deletion of traffic signs without replacement IPM GmbH has made the effort and designed a traffic sign library for Germany based on information from the Federal Highway Research Institute (Bast), which takes these aspects into account. Thus, traffic sign cadastres dating back to 2013 can also be visualized with the help of the library. YOU have the data basis in the form of the punctual location of the traffic sign in the road space and WE have the corresponding visualization of the traffic sign according to the traffic sign catalog for the target scale 1:500. The scope of delivery for the visualization of traffic signs includes the following: - The individual traffic signs are stored in a style file (*.style). This can be used in ArcGIS Pro as well as in ArcMap from version 10.5. - By means of the layer file (*.lyr) a quick symbol assignment of a feature class adapted to the necessary data structure can be made. - To get a correct display of the traffic sign symbols, special files generated by IPM are included. - An overview of all existing traffic signs in the style as symbols incl. the corresponding number as well as a user manual of the traffic sign library complete the package as PDF documents.


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