Burlington, ON, Canada


Iris is an AI company that automates and modernizes road and asset maintenance—globally. We empower municipalities, states and concessionaires with innovation to monitor roads and asset deficiencies to strengthen road safety, comply with legislation and improve efficiency. Our irisGO camera automatically reports data during road patrols, pavement surveys (PCI) and asset captures into our irisCity dashboard or can integrate into existing systems. Iris ensures privacy and security of data with advanced redaction and delivery measures. With iris, you can: - maintain roads and infrastructure assets, such as potholes, cracks, traffic signs and other roadway assets, - reduce operational inefficiencies and vehicle emissions from repetitive patrols, - comply responsively to regional legislation, - make data-driven decisions from real-time data capture and visualizations, - and more.



WORKFLOW & CRM INTEGRATION Data collected from the irisGO can feed automatically into existing customer ArcGIS Online layers and other down stream processes including various work management softwares. Integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, Cityworks, Infor, Cartegraph and other CRM, ERP, GIS and Asset Management solutions are easily configured on demand.

Services Provided:

System Integration