Ironwood Consulting

Redlands, CA, United States


Ironwood is a registered woman-owned small business that is certified in the System of Award Management and does not have any apparent or actual conflicts of interest. For the past 15 years, Ironwood has offered its expertise to non-profit organizations, private entities, and federal and state land management agencies and led numerous large-scale natural resource inventories and surveys on hundreds of thousands of acres across the Arid and Intermountain West. Ironwood conducts focused surveys for threatened and endangered plant and wildlife species while remaining abreast of recent cases in environmental law influencing protocols for biological studies. We strive to avoid and minimize impacts early in the project design phase to reduce the weight of future permitting, costly mitigation, and project delays. Our clients benefit from individual attention and creative problem-solving from the Ironwood team to find the balance between protecting natural resources and sustainable development. We value strong communication and collaborative efforts among our team and our clients to achieve project success.