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ITpipes core license enables clients to effectively and efficiently collect, analyze, manage, and integrate their pipeline inspection data with AMS and GIS systems. ITpipes is fully portable and compatible for mobile systems and laptops, working with cctv, manhole, lateral, sonar, laser and other equipment. Fully configurable, ITpipes can be setup to manage exactly the data and reporting you need. ITpipes includes notable features such as HotButtons, single-click deliverables, SmartTabs for dynamic reporting, full ESRI integration and more. I.T. offers ESRI tools for collection and analysis, including: GIS viewIT - single click launch of your comprehensive inspection detail from the map. GIS send - transfers data out of GIS to your inspection app for quick inspections. GIS receive - transfers date into your GIS for validation and upating of accurate attribute data. GIS select/plot - plots observations and defects onto your map for review and planning.


Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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