iWater, Inc.

Irvine, CA, United States


iWater, Inc., offers unique services to the water/wastewater/storm water and gas/electrical industries. iWater's goal is to provide Esri customers with real-world information about their GIS and utility infrastructure. The company integrates scheduled maintenance with GIS data collection to offer an extremely low-cost data conversion. If an existing GIS is in place, it can help the utility determine the true operational status of its system. By field verifying and operating valves, hydrants, manholes, inlets, and other assets, iWater can determine not only if these features exist but also if they work correctly. The company's ArcGIS Engine application, infraMAP® software, is a GPS-guided mobile GIS that allows seamless data collection and updates. This easy-to-use software is geared toward field crews and does not require GIS experience. iWater has been helping utilities all across North America since 2000. In 2002, iWater created infraMAP® software to help its own crews work more efficiently. Originally designed to reduce overtime, eliminate paperwork, and make everyone’s job easier, the program has been perfected by the field personnel that use it every day. After over a decade in the field, infraMAP® software has evolved into the most powerful, user-friendly asset mapping tool on the planet.



iWater assists utilities to better update and manage assets. iWater staff delivers enterprise geodatabase design, field verification and implementation. This process ensures that the quality of data collected and processed is second to none. Knowing exactly where a valve is located is critical during an emergency. So why rely on outdated maps that don't tell you where your infrastructure is? iWater GPS crews make it their business to locate, assess, and document any asset within your system. Our crews are certified by DHS and know how a water system works. Our partnership with Trimble Navigation allows us to achieve the most accurate real-time GPS positions using the most advanced equipment on the planet. So if an asset gets paved over, buried, or forgotten about, you'll know where its hiding.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, System Integration