GeoIntegrator for QlikView

By Jakala

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GeoIntegrator for QlikView is the first application to integrate Esri geographic analysis with QlikView dashboards. GeoIntegrator permits a two-way synchronization between the dashboard objects (tables, charts, etc.) and the map component, extending the associative navigation of QlikView with the geographic dimension. Through the revolutionary direct connection to data warehouses there is no need of data conversion or replication, ensuring data consistency within the dashboards. The innovative synchronization engine developed by Value Lab allows an unlimited number of geographic contents to be connected to the QlikView Dashbord, leveraging the power of Esri platform inside QlikView. With GeoIntegrator and both Esri and QlikView platforms you'll be able to create complex Location Analytics solutions based on an associative and geospatial browsing logic, without any limit of data. GeoIntegrator for QlikView works with Esri ArcGIS Server 10.1 and 10.2


Two-way data synchronization between tables, charts and map • Unlimited number of geographic layers that could be connected to the dashboard • Dynamic symbology based on QlikView expressions • Analysis automation with Esri Geoprocessing engine. • Easy integration within an existing dashboard • Multidevice support


• Integration with Network Analyst services • Dynamic Heat maps creation • Management of complex automated geoprocessing analysis


• Customizable gallery with satellite and street basemaps • World-wide geocoding engine • Drilldown to individual data items • Geographic detail down to street and house number


• Single database with alphanumerical and geographic data • Direct access to main spatial formats (Microsoft, Oracle, Esri, Teradata) • User profiling


Electric & Gas, Entertainment & Leisure, Financial Services, Health & Human Services, Insurance, Intelligence, Manufacturing, Media, Petroleum, Railroads, Real Estate, Retail, Telco

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