Jakarto Cartographie 3D Inc

Montreal, QC, Canada


Jakarto maps cities and infrastructures in 3D down-to-the-centimeter precision. Jakarto is digitizing cities and infrastructure to create their digital twins: we replicate all of the city's assets and the environment in the digital world. Our Jakartowns© solution allows you to work from your office by planning your actions remotely and thus reduce your costs. Using AI algorithms, Jakarto performs automated extraction of objects (such as buildings, street furniture, vegetation, road signs, roadside inspection) and any other objects that make up the city.



We Are Modeling Your World. Our mobile mapping systems are equiped with millimeter precision LIDARs and 4K cameras, designed to read small prints. We roam the streets and the 3D and spatio-temporal data collected offers a mine of valuable information that can be adapted to your needs. Thanks to our team of GIS Professional and engineers we are able to offer numerous data services that can include change detection and object recognition. We create very precise digital twins of cities to enable various applications that would otherwise require extensive onsite surveys directly from your desktop.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, Hosting Services