Jane's Group US LLC

Arlington, VA, United States


Janes enables militaries, governments, and aerospace and defense companies to make critical decisions by providing trusted open-source defense intelligence. Our tradecraft, developed over 120 years, combined with human-machine teaming, delivers assured open-source intelligence across military capabilities and order of battle, equipment, events, companies and markets. The ability to visualize Janes intelligence geospatially enhances situational awareness, reveals previously hidden connections, and delivers insights at a strategic, operational, and tactical level. Janes data model links millions of assured data points to create a framework of interconnected open-source defense intelligence. It can be integrated into a customer’s own system, accessed via any application, with the ability to integrate third-party and customer owned data. Using Janes interconnected intelligence, our customers can bring all relevant data and connections together in a single intelligence environment to deliver a more complete and accurate answer. Using Janes, our customers can use their scarce resource more effectively to get to better decisions with higher confidence, more quickly.