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Kamilo, Inc. (San Francisco, Calif.) delivers tracking technology to verify and account for the recycled resin content of plastic products. We are a Public Benefit Corporation with a novel accountability system that tracks the journey of plastic from waste to next-life; we create a verifiable link between plastic recovery and re-use. We partner with businesses that put plastic waste back to work by providing them with real-time geospatial verification of provenance and successful recovery. Our innovative technology brings much-needed transparency and accountability to the global plastics supply chain and recycled plastics markets. With the company’s widely available mobile app, a user can enter and instantly upload data on a shipment of recycled plastics to an energy-efficient version of blockchain ledgers, providing a transparent, verifiable transaction log. Data that Kamilo collects on the movement of recycled plastic materials are more granular and better authenticated than previously possible, and its system rewards companies already contributing to the circular economy and encourages those who are considering using recycled plastics.


Conservation, Manufacturing, Trucking & Distribution

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