I-69 File / Mapping Management System

By KCI Technologies Inc.

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The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) contracted KCI to conduct monitoring of mitigation sites associated with construction of Interstate 69 on new alignment through southwestern Indiana. As with any long-term monitoring project, efficient and secure document control and data management was a top priority for team members and stakeholders alike. KCI’s Geospatial Solutions Practice was asked to provide development and deployment services related to a web-based application that leveraged GIS mapping user interface and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to aid in the tracking and organization of project documents and data. KCI’s application developers began by meeting with project stakeholders to establish requirements and design specifications for the application. Based on these initial meetings, the project team created mockups and non-functional wireframes to use in brainstorming and development sessions with project stakeholders. These visual aids allowed the KCI team to get a better understanding of INDOT’s desired web layout, user interface, and workflow. Following project stakeholder approval of KCI’s mockups, the team developed the I-69 File / Mapping Management System with ArcGIS Server Silverlight and SharePoint 2010. The team used a stand-alone Silverlight viewer, which incorporates SharePoint web services for document management structure and provide links to the uploaded documents stored in the SharePoint database. After application deployment, KCI will continue to support INDOT’s management system by offering continued maintenance to ensure proper functionality and troubleshooting as issues arise. KCI has also been tasked with providing enhancement support for INDOT through 2014.


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