ArcGIS & SAP integration brings spatial dimension to ERP & CRM for Utilities

By Khatib & Alami

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The K&A Integration solution between GIS and SAP is a complete solution designed to migrate all electrical assets from GIS into SAP plant maintenance and perform two-way incremental asset updating and synchronization. This solution allow the utility to improve efficiency and optimize its daily processes by correlating the electric network and associated spatial analysis capabilities represented by the ArcGIS system with the asset management and business transactions by the SAP ERP system. This coupling between the two systems enables a useful exchange of information and a unified system capable of reducing costs and increasing business agility. Furthermore, the Integration between the ArcGIS Server and SAP CRM provided the Call Center the ability to locate and identify the probable outage devices in GIS and dispatch the maintenance crews accordingly. This solution is an integral key solution for an organization within the operation and fault repairs departments that enables these to perform tasks such as the following:

  • Locate the customer on the map, all from within the same window
  • Capture complaints received from different sources, such as consumers, inspection or emergency technicians, and store all complaints in SAP
  • Import the filtered complaints into GIS and analyze them in order to initiate predicting the devices that are the most probable cause of that outage by relating several complaints together based on defined thresholds. The outages are displayed in the GIS Web solution.


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