Kinetic Analysis Corp

Garrett Park, MD, United States


Kinetic Analysis Corporation is the leading data provider of near real-time tropical cyclone hazard and impact data. We translate active storm forecasts for tropical cyclones across the globe into detailed geospatial hazard footprints (wind, storm surge, wave and rainfall) and damage ratios for a wide range of asset classes to support business, operational, emergency and risk management decisions. When combined or integrated with additional geospatial intelligence (such as asset information, socioeconomic data, communication/situational awareness dashboards and analytics toolsets) our tropical cyclone hazard data enable deep insights into potential impacts from tropical cyclones. For tropical cyclones that are up to 5 days from making landfall or affecting an asset, our multi-model approach captures the range of potential outcomes with forecasts from different agencies and supports robust planning and decisions. We can provide hazard footprints from global (e.g., a combination of forecasts from the NHC, CPHC and JTWC, and forecasts from the ECMWF and the UK Met Office) and regional forecast centers (e.g., JMA and Australian BoM). We can also provide estimates of the interquartile range for damage ratios for asset classes ranging from residential structures to infrastructure such as ports, airports, antennas and electricity transmission lines.



Our data enables users to understand the implications of tropical cyclone forecasts at specific locations of importance to them. From the detailed hazard footprints, we also produce damage and impact estimates for key sectors, client-specific assets and infrastructure, and for broad economic impacts. Our tropical cyclone hazard and impact products are available in standard GIS formats, ESRI REST, and OGC compliant WMS/WFS feature services in near real-time availability to support rapid response and time-critical decisions that need to be made for impending storms.