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KOREC Group is a recognised Esri Silver Tier Business Partner specialising in the provision of intuitive software and world lead positioning technology for the measurement, mapping and management of the natural and built environment. At KOREC, we believe embracing geospatial technology will transform your outcomes and deliver that success. That’s why we bring together market-leading hardware from Trimble with purpose driven field data capture and handling software to provide customised workflows for our customers across a range of application areas and industry sectors. Trimble is renowned for integrating advanced GPS technology into its rugged field hardware resulting in unsurpassed mobile data capture instrumentation designed to work in all conditions and environments. Combining this hardware with streamlined software workflows, ensures Trimble solutions maximise your productivity by making GIS data collection a simple yet efficient process. In particular, the KOREC mapping team is available to assist Esri users with the integration of GNSS into their workflows with up to centimetre positional accuracy through Trimble’s low cost Catalyst GNSS solution. Our market experience includes Utilities, Environmental Services, Local and Central Government as well as Research and Education.



Our KOREC mapping team specialises in field data capture and handling, offering a full pre and after sales service including consultation, technical support and training. Whilst KOREC develops its own in-house suite of K-MATIC software including off the shelf data capture modules and customised options ,along with the KlearView360 portal for easy and cost-effective handling, viewing and sharing of geospatial information, the KOREC team is also adept at assisting Esri users with the integration of GNSS into their workflows with up to centimetre positional accuracy. Esri users now have access to the most cost-effective method possible for cm accuracy by means of Trimble’s subscription based, low cost Catalyst solution. The KOREC mapping team can also offer Esri clients everything from small tweaks to bespoke workflows based on the ArcGIS system, bringing all the power of their existing software but with customisation options for specific data capture workflows. In short, KOREC can help Esri users identify tools with the functions you need to get your mapping done efficiently, accurately and within budget.

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