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With a centralized platform for imagery, stakeholders can quickly access the right data to monitor infrastructure, mitigate vegetation risks, and respond to natural disasters. Leveraging years of success in the defense and intelligence domain, L3Harris has created a utility focused data management system and analytics engine with Amplify. Intelligent Imagery Management The Amplify Intelligent Imagery Management System enables imagery and data to be accessed across the enterprise for substantial gains in productivity and efficiency. Amplify offers the ability to employ deep learning analytics to gain unique insights into the state of your infrastructure. Now, for a low monthly cost, your organization can start benefiting from Amplify today. Centralize, Organize, and Share Insights from Imagery and Data Amplify offers a centralized, shared repository for imagery. This enables intuitive organization and cataloguing and makes it easier to locate and share valuable insights across your business. Quick Access to Your Imagery and Data Advanced technology lets you quickly identify, locate, and visualize imagery associated with an asset so you can perform virtual inspections safely and find defects, damage, and anomalies before failure occurs. Easily Share Imagery, Data, and Insights Share data with stakeholders, seamlessly generate reports and integrate information with downstream systems like GIS, or work order management. Apply Machine Learning and Analytics Geospatial analytics and machine learning can quickly and automatically provide a deeper understanding of the state of your network so you can monitor change over time through multiple collects.


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