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Collect Hard to Reach Assets Safely and Efficiently with Laser Tech and ArcGIS Field Maps on iOS Laser Tech TruPulse® laser rangefinders in-conjunction with an Eos Arrow Series™ GNSS receiver can be used as a mobile laser-mapping solution enabling field crews to easily, quickly, and safely capture an asset’s location remotely (i.e. Offsets). Who Needs This Solution This laser offset mapping solution is for field crews that need to map hard-to-occupy assets without occupying every single point. This solution is common and ideal when assets are located on busy highways, streets, alleyways, under building eves, swamplands/vegetation, downtown areas, and in other hard-to-reach, unsafe, or GNSS-impaired environments. What is an Offset An offset is the combination of a distance and direction. Combining a recorded GPS position with the associated distance and direction to your object ensures high-accuracy positioning data. LaserGIS applies offsets to features by recording both a GNSS position and associated distance and direction to the object of interest. This workflow option allows the user to stay at one location and record the offsets and attributes of all features within sight before moving to the next location.



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